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How do I know the shredding is secure? 


We use our own trained and security checked staff to collect and shred your documents. Our facility is alarmed and can only be entered using a pass code known only to our Document Destruction team.  24 Hour CCTV cameras provide additional security.

We guarantee the security of your documents from the time of collection to final destruction.

A Certificate of Destruction can be issued to you upon request. You can even make an appointment with us to see the site and witness your documents being destroyed.


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What if I only have a small amount of shredding? 

No amount is too large or small. You pre-arrange a time can bring smaller amounts to us for shredding. In this case, you generally pay individually for each archive box (or similar).


For larger volumes such as several archive boxes (minimum of 3) we can collect this from you. If you have a car boot loads or even trailer loads, you have the option of pre-arranging a time to bring it to us.


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Do I have to sign up for a regular collection?

No. There are no contracts so you can arrange a regular collection if this suits you or you can use our service as a once off if you are having a clean-up, or on an ad-hoc basis as you require it.


If you do not require the use of our lockable bins, you can bring your documents to us, or arrange for us to collect from your office or home. Just call us to arrange it. Easy!


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What is the advantage of the Handybin service over in-house shredding? 

Document shredding takes time, and most office shredders require that you remove paper clips, staples etc. You may also be limited to only small paper items. Our service saves you time. We accept books, files, thick papers and cardboard and more, even with clips and staples still in them.  

There are no maintenance costs – you do not have to maintain or replace expensive shredders. 

You save money in staff time and can keep your staff working on your core business. 

You don’t have to dispose of bags of shredded paper, and you can be confident that your shredded paper will be recycled. 

Better for you – better for the environment. 


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What does it cost? 

Secure document bins start from just $37.95 for a 120 litre bin and $61.05 for a 240 litre bin. Archive boxes from just $9.68 per box.


You can also drop off to us over the weighbridge at a starting price of 0.40c per kilogram. For this service please ensure that you contact us first to arrange a meeting time.


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How do I arrange for lockable bins to be delivered, or for a collection of boxes? 

Simple – just call us on 6652 1733

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