Commercial Services

Handybin provides a complete range of commercial waste and recycling services in Coffs Harbour.

Depending on your requirements, we are able to offer garbage, recycling and organics bins in a variety of sizes including:

  • Wheelie bins - 240L to 360L
  • Plastic bulk bins - 660 and 1100L
  • Metal bulk bins - 1.0m3, 1.5m3, 3m3 and 3.5m3

We can provide a FREE, NO OBLIGATION assessment of your waste disposal requirements and tailor a complete waste solution for your business from source separation to collection. Optimising your waste service can achieve efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly results.

We are also able to offer tours of our processing facilities
for your business. Please call us for further information
(02) 6691 8700.

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Source Separation & Waste Handling Equipment
Equipment to assist your business in separating waste at the source where it is generated is very helpful for successful waste management.

Handybin is able to supply the  following equipment or we may be able to reccommend suppliers:

  • Recycling cratesrecycling crate
  • Balers
  • Compactor Bins