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A significant amount of business waste is recyclable. It is estimated that up to 90% of business waste is recyclable, with the majority consisting of paper and cardboard followed by co-mingled recyclables and organic waste. You can achieve significant savings in waste costs through recycling.

Recycling services we provide :

For garbage services please see commercial waste services.

Plastic Bulk Bins: Lightweight, easy to manouevre,  suitable for difficult access areas.Steel Bulk Rear-lift Bin: Features: Emptied by rear-lift truck, heavy duty, lockable.Mixed recyclables:

  • Steel & aluminium cans
  • Paper & cardboard (non-waxed)
  • Plastic bottles and containers (marked 1-5)
  • Glass bottles and jars (small quantities only).

Mixed recycling services we provide:

  • Collection in 660L and 1100L plastic bulk bins

Also available:

  • Steel rear-lift bulk bins for large quantities of recyclables. 

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Steel Bins: Features: Heavy duty, lockable, emptied by front-lift truck Paper & Cardboard

Take advantage of Handybin's very competitive paper and cardboard (non-waxed) service.

Up to 70% of commercial waste is recyclable paper and cardboard.

Paper & Cardboard services we provide :

  • Collection in 1m³, 1.5m³ and 3m³ bulk steel bins

Also available:

  • Plastic bulk bins for difficult access areas Compactors/balers for large waste generators.

Glass Bottle Bins: Features: Heavy duty. Glass Bottle Recycling

Glass bottle bins: (for large quantities of glass).

Glass is a heavy material that can significantly increase the cost of the waste disposal if not recycled.

Large generators of glass bottles eg. pubs and clubs can take advantage of our glass bottle recycling bins.

Glass bottle services we provide:

  • Collection in 2m³ steel bottle bins.

Wheelie Bins: Features: Lightweight, easy to manouvre, emptied by side-lift truck.Organics Recycling

Organics recycling: (for greenwaste and foodwaste).

Many resorts, restaurants and clubs produce large quantities of foodwaste.

Cost savings, occupational health & safety improvements and environmental benefits can be achieved by recycling organics (foodwaste and greenwaste).

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