Processing Facilities

Recycling FacilityCardboard recycling bale

Handybin has a state-of-the-art recycling facility (Materials Recovery Facility) located at the Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park at Englands Road. Recyclables collected in domestic and commercial recycling collections are sorted by hand and machines and then baled for sale to recycling markets.

Recyclables processed include:

  • Paper and cardboard (non-waxed);
  • Steel and aluminium cans;
  • Plastics marked 1-7;
  • Glass bottles and jars;

Download Description of MRF Process

Biomass FacilityCompost Turners

The Biomass Facility operated by Biomass Solutions (Coffs Harbour) Pty. Ltd. is an innovative waste treatment facility which processes organics (greenwaste and foodwaste).

Reject material is removed from the organics material in the receival hall prior to being composted by mechanical turners over a period of 21 days. The composted product is available for purchase from the facility.