Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often are my bins emptied?
  • The current bin collection is as follows:
  • Greenwaste (Green-Lidded bin) is collected weekly;
  • Recyclables (Yellow-Lidded bin) are collected fortnightly;
  • Other Waste (Red-Lidded bin) is collected fortnightly, on alternate weeks to the recyclables bin collection;
  • Who owns the bins?
  • The bins are owned by the collection contractor, Handybin Waste Services.
  • What if I already compost?
  • You can continue to compost if you prefer.
  • Do I have to have three bins?
  • By sorting your Recycling and Greenwaste from Other Waste, you help reduce waste processing and disposal costs for the whole community. The cost for your service will not change should you choose not to use all the bins.
  • When should I put my bins out for collection?
  • You should put your bin out the night before your usual collection day. You will have received an information pack, including a calendar, which shows which week you put your yellow and green bins out and which week you put your red and green bins out.
  • What happens if my bin is damaged?
  • Call 1800 265 495 to have your bin repaired or replaced. Handybin staff will take details and arrange to have bin fixed or replaced.
    If it appears the bin is deliberately being damaged or not looked after, Handybin may charge to the owner the costs for repairing or replacing the bin.
  • What happens if my bin is stolen?
  • Handybin will replace your bin free of charge in the first instance. If further instances occur charges may be applied for the cost of the bin and a delivery service charge.
  • If I need additional services, how much will this cost?
  • If you need additional services, you need to request this through your local Council. You must be the owner of the premise where the bins are required to request this service.

    Councils will advise Handybin of the request for additional services and rates section to ensure payment is adjusted on rates notice.
    Costs for additional services vary for each Council member of CCWS, check with your Council for further detail.
  • I can't wheel my bins out myself, what can I do?
  • Handybin has a wheel in wheel out service, which will only be offered to people with a genuine disability or who are elderly and can demonstrate they cannot wheel the bin.

    To apply for this service, you must contact your local Council and fulfil the requirements for application.
  • Vision impaired people.
  • There are a limited number of bin lids with tactile symbols available for those who request this service. Contact your local Council to provide your details and your Council will arrange delivery with Handybin.
  • What happens if I put the wrong items into my bins?
  • If you place an unacceptable item in to one of your bins, the driver will place a sticker on your bin and the contents may be rejected.
    You must then remove the item/s and call the CCWS Hotline on 1800 265 495 to arrange collection of your bin. Repeated contamination may lead to removal of offending bins.
  • Can I hose my bins out while water restrictions are in place?
  • Yes, you can. As it is considered a health and safety issue no restrictions are placed on cleaning of bins. You should only hose out bins on a grassed area and no run off is permitted to enter the storm water system. Ensure you pick up any rubbish hosed out of your bin and place back in the bin. Littering, including litter and runoff entering storm water drains, is an offence and can result in significant fines. There are bin washing services available, see the Yellow pages.
  • Can I put biodegradable or compostable bags in my green bin?
  • No, please don’t use plastic, biodegradable or compostable bags in your green bin as they are not compatible with the Biomass composting system. Use of these bags may lead to your bin being stickered and not emptied.
What happens to the items that go in my bins?

Green bins:

Collected organics are machine and hand sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility located at Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park.

This compost is be available for sale to the community.

Yellow bins:

Recycling is both machine and hand sorted at the Materials Recovery Facility located at Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park.

These items are sorted into like products (i.e. paper, plastics, glass, etc.) and are then sold to recyclers who make new products out of the items. No recycling is placed in landfill.

Red bins:

Other waste is processed through the Biomass Facility.

Waste is sorted to remove any hazardous substances, recycling and organics, of which the recoverable material will be further processed in the MRF and Biomass facility.

The remaining waste (such as plastic bags, Styrofoam, nappies and other non-recyclables) will be processed to form an inert material, or residual waste. This residual waste is be landfill.

The cost for this service is significant and if people do not sort their recycling, organics and other wastes at their home, it may result in increased waste charges.